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Wondering what to do with your unfinished basement?

It depends on your needs!

Transform your ugly unfinished basement into the BONUS living space you've always wanted...

  • Add a guest bedroom for company
  • Home Theater and Gaming Room
  • Expand your laundry room
  • Kids play area
  • Construct privacy walls or extra rooms to create a more usable space.
  • Adding a custom bar is a great way to entertain friends for larger parties.
  • Create an exercise room
  • Create a Bathroom
  • Create a Home Office
  • Add additional storage space

    The list goes on . . . The only limit is your imagination and your budget.

    Robbins Construction LLC is an experienced basement remodeler who believes in creating your vision while suiting your needs and staying within your budget.

    Bedroom/Guest Room
    Exercise Room
    Bedroom/Guest Room

    Do you want to add a bedroom or guest room to your basement?

    If you have a growing family, or you entertain frequently, you may want to add a new bedroom or guest room. Doing something like adding a bedroom or guest room will add value to your house. Adding a bedroom to the basement is much less expensive and time consuming than adding a bedroom on to the house. Still, as in any other remodeling project, adding a bedroom to the basement takes some time and planning. Properly planned, a basement bedroom can be a comfortable, and inviting place.


    Are you scheduling bathroom times in your home?

    There are many benefits to adding a bathroom to your basement. Additional bathrooms can help increase home value as well as add convenience to your home. Create the luxurious bathroom you have always wanted or simply add an additional bathroom to your home if you have a growing family.

    Do you have a finished basement? Have you added additional bedrooms to your basement?

    Add a bathroom to a guest bedroom, or add a mini spa.


    Add a bar to your basement!

    It's every man's wish to one day have an area that he can call his own, give him some time away from the wife and kids, time to sit back, relax, maybe watch some sports and drink some brew.

    It's always important to have an idea of scale before you begin your project, are you aiming for a small bar with a few drinks on offer in your basement for personal use or are you looking to go the whole hog and have a bonefide bar in your basement suitable for hosting parties. Make sure your expectations are realistic, picture your perfect end result and make sure to keep that in mind.

    Exercise Room

    Tired of paying those large gym prices? Add an exercise room to your basement!

    One of the great things about transforming your basement into a fitness room is it can be as basic or as complex as you desire. After all an exercise room is only four walls and a floor right? Not to Robbins Construction LLC. We will customize an exercise room you WANT to spend time in.

    If you do not want to use the entire basement for a fitness room, you can always divide the basement into several sections. This can be done easily by using large book cases or shelving units set up back to back.


    Do you need additional storage?

    Most basements are big enough to store a lot of stuff. Too often, though, the storage is haphazard and inefficient. Robbins Construction LLC has mastered how to best organize basement storage by installing space-saving shelving.

    Adding storage can add value to your home as well as help organize your basement.

    We can create shelves, cabinets, drawers or remodel and customize crawl spaces.

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